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Children’s Village hosted friends from Coca Cola

On Friday, 4-th of july we were host of tournament which was maintained on fields in Village. Our friends from Coca Cola company sent their best football players to play with kids. Among the football there were also competition in chess. Tournament was held in fair and friendly competiton…

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Protocol of partnership against Children’s Village and Tamburica fest

On 39.birthday of Children’s Village we hosted our friends and longtime donors from Tamburica fest. On that occasion was signed protocol of partnership between Children’s Village and Tamburica fest which symbolically represent longtime cooperation, where wards will get…

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Children’s Village day

Children’s Village “Dr Milorad Pavlovic” celebrated 39.birthday on 20-th of june. The celebration was attended by friends and donors and for all of them was prepared special program. One of guests were also Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Policy veterans Aleksandar Vulin who…

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