Change the world by SMS to 5186

Institution for Children and Youth “Dr Milorad Pavlovic” already 40 years running the way children and young people without parental care. At this moment, staff and volunteers today on time running more than 80 children and 28 young people without parental care, through the accommodation (“Selo u Kamenickom parku”) and through the support of independence (“Kuca na pola puta”) that Children’s Village with the help of friends realized.

Action “Change the world by SMS to 5186″ started in May 2014, with the main objective of raising funds for the education and development of the residents of the village. Education programs through formal and informal education in the previous period is recognized as the best form of prevention return of the social protection system. Funds raised in this way will enable residents to become: doctors, mechanics, bakers, pastry cooks, actors, teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, social workers, etc. These are just some of the professions in which residents of villages want to learn. Some of them see their way to training for craftsmen (bakers, pastry cooks, hairdressers, beauticians, chefs) and some of them see their way to colleges.

In any case, our mission is always the same, and that is to perform children and young people on the right path. In addition to training at universities and professional courses, the funds collected will be used for language learning (which become a necessity in a time in which we live), training on the use of computer control, training for drivers as well as many other practical training necessary for the times we live in.

Our wish is to work together to equip the space for learning, for residents who need special treatment in separate objects, enable that. To provide them with the necessary accessories for the work, safe shelter and give attention to everyone and joint steps in the future where there will not be violence, there will not be problems but built by individuals and conscious citizens of the society.

The promotion is valid until 20 November 2015, and allows sending SMS messages within all three networks VIP, MTS and Telenor.

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