First chance for wards of Children’s Village


The invitation was posted on the Facebook page of the Village “Dr Milorad Pavlovic”, where you can get more precise information about the offered job profile of children and make contact.

The project, titled “First Chance” was motivated by a desire to children during the summer period of 15 years and above, provide an opportunity to gain significant work experience and the fact that, if possible, to earn pocket money. In the Children’s village believe that this action is an ideal opportunity for children, but also for employers having in mind that the residents can find very valuable and responsible workers for the summer season, but also for the ongoing business engagement. Only a few days after the expiration of the competition two candidates from the Children’s Village arrived at the first call. One of the two candidates who have been given a chance, did not hide her satisfaction with the opportunities to do so.

For more information, call “First Chance” with a list of the offered job profiles of children are highlighted on the Internet social networking website Facebook, the site of the Children’s Village “Dr Milorad Pavlovic.” For privacy reasons the names and contact information are not visible, so if you want to hire some of the children from the Children’s Village, it is necessary to send a personal message to the site administrator who will assist you further.

First chance for wards of Children’s Village – Source: Kanal9


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