Photo gallery

Children’s Village Anthem


Tennis as a way of life

Reception at the court

Blend of tradition and humanity

Saint Sava

Interacting with students of the Faculty of Science

Christmas Eve 6th Jan 2015


Delivering parcels Provincial Secretariat (31.12.2014.)

New Year’s Eve event for friends (26.12.2014.)

Selection of the most beautiful Christmas tree 12/22/2014.

Dunav Insurance Company Gifts

Beekeepers Society “Jovan Zivanovic” donated 100kg of honey

Donation of apartments

Visit the catering school in Indjija. Organization Kolping Society in Serbia which promotes experiential learning methods

Socializing with Avon

Socializing in Senta

Artistic-educational workshop “take a picture together”

Handing solar panels

Closing of the Children Week

Visit Team – Love in Action 10/04/2014.

2. Fair exchange of 24.09.2014.

Socializing in the museum

Circus as a way of life – Street musicians

Blood donation campaign

Opening DM drugstores

Tournament in Kecskemet, Hungary

Coca-Cola tournament

8th generation scholarship program “Fund for the Future” Delta Foundation

Chess tournament

Night marathon

Protocol of partnership against Children’s Village and Tamburica fest (20.06.2014.)

Day of the Children’s Village (20.06.2014.)

FK Vojvodina (20.02.2014.)

International children’s day (01.06.2014.)

Visit the Australian consul Melinda Rio (15.05.2014.)

“Delta holding” (13.05.2014.)

European affairs fund (14.04.2014.)

Motorcycle club “The Apostles” – Easter (14.04.2014.)

Andjelka Dragisic – Novi Sad photos (24.04.2014.)

Gift of the Rotary Club of Berne Cesarov Danielle (26.03.2014.)

School glory of St. Sava (25.01.2014.)

Beauty and Health (23.01.2014.)

Beauty and Health – edited photos (23.01.2014.)

Reception by the Mayor and cast of movie “Vidimo se u Montevideu” (17.01.2014.)

Montevideo – Vidimo se, The Mayor NS (16.01.2014.)

NIS – New Year’s gifts (14.01.2014.)



Ceca Raznatovic (11.11.2013.)

Visit of Novi Sad Fair (05.10.2013.)

Puppy (09.08.2013.)

Volleyball connects (06.07.2013.)

Enigma – Children of Children’s Village (05.07.2013.)


Grandma’s cake (19.10.2012.)

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