Children’s Village Sremska Kamenica was created as a part of large family of SOS Children’s Villages. SOS children s village has been open 1975 as 100th in the world and first In Eastern Europe. SOS children’s village respect values and principles of SOS kinderdorf organization, such as responsibility, perseverance and commitment.

SOS Children’s village has been named after Milorad Pavlovic, in that period the Secretary for Social Affairs of. Milorad Pavlovic was searching for an answer to the question: “How to help children without adequate parental care, to give them a happy childhood?” when he found teaching of Hermann Majer. He embraced his ideas about the concept of children’s villages, relying on a story about the life of children in a family where the foster relationships of trust, cooperation, closeness of unconditional acceptance.

His great desire to help children moved him to make his dream true and build Children’s village in Sremska Kamenica. He brought together a numbers of associates who supported his ideas, support and financial assistance received from a large number of citizens and organizations of the then state of Yugoslavia and the SOS Children organization.

Traditionally people in this country region take a care about children with lots of love, respects and understanding. Sremska Kamenica lived and worked most benefactors who have dedicated their life’s and property to humanitarian work and children, such as children’s greatest poet Jovan Jovanović Zmaj.

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