Vesna Kopitovic visited Children’s Village


On the occasion of International Children’s Day, Dr Vesna Kopitović, Provincial Secretary for Health, Social Policy and Demography was visiting the Children’s Village “Dr Milorad Pavlovic” in Sremska Kamenica. She said that the residents of the small children in this institution worth investing. Despite all the conventions and declarations children remain victims of various forms of violence and exploitation of illegal labor to sexual exploitation, armed conflict, human, so there is still a large number of those children who are vulnerable and subject to physical and mental violence.

To improve the situation of children is not only a responsibility of the state, but also the individual who, through everyday actions to demonstrate that they recognize and respect their rights. Children should not be our decorations and mascots “ – said Kopitović.

Stating that accurate statistics on the number of victims of child abuse does not exist, as they are usually silent about this, she said that it was important to raise awareness about how children are targeted by various forms of abuse, from verbal to physical.

Provincial Secretariat for Health, Social Policy and Demography has already recognized the importance of the projects of the institution and always supported them financially, and in the future will cost about a million dinars for the „Preparing young people for independent existence“.

Citing writer Ivo Andric “Only what you give life, it can and it comes back,” the director of the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica, Srdjan Egić said that the whole society should share the responsibility to every child.

I am proud today under our patronage and care at the Children’s Village, we have more than 200 children and it was one of the actors in the process of their care, education and awareness. In this time of crisis, the great sacrifice and disasters that are just behind us, we are energy and an extra incentive to help the children which is not enough just a roof over your head and life conditions with the Children’s Village, but it takes a lot more, such as education socialization, participation in social life, so tomorrow might be good, humane people and valuable members of their community“ – said Egić.

Children and young people from the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica, in the last two weeks have been actively involved in helping people in areas vulnerable to flooding, primarily in the village Jamena and Sremska Mitrovica.

Vesna Kopitović visited the Children’s Village – Source: Danas
Prof. Dr Kopitović visited the Children’s Village – Source:


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